What are the stages of solar park construction?

In order to legalize a solar power plant, it is necessary to prepare several documents. Nord Solar OÜ presents the various work stages required for the construction of a solar park and a description of the documentation:

  • preparation of a price offer and cost-benefit calculation;
  • design;
  • connection to the electricity network;
  • installation of equipment;
  • documentation (incl. Builder’s declaration of conformity, measurement protocols, audit of electrical installation, construction and use permit, electricity network connection agreement, electricity sales agreement, documentation of support schemes).


Are there enough sunny days in Estonia?

There are, indeed. Studies show that there is an average of 1800-2000 hours of sunshine a year in Estonia, which varies from region to region. In fact, direct sunlight is not a prerequisite for the operation of solar power plants. Solar light is also enough to generate electricity from solar energy. It is important to know that the cooler climate promotes the work of solar panels, about 0.5% / 1C◦.

Does the location of the solar panels matter?

The productivity of the solar park is highest when the panels are oriented to the south at a 30-40degree angle and are not shaded. The lack of an ideal installation location can be compensated by the use of aids.

When is the main season for electricity production from solar energy in Estonia?

In Estonian conditions, the most efficient production period of solar power plants is from March to September. From autumn to the end of winter, only 10-20% of gross output of energy is produced.

How long is the payback period of a solar power plant?

The payback period of a solar power plant is generally 10-12 years. Variability depends largely on how much electricity is consumed on site.

Does installing solar panels help to get a better energy label for the building?

Installing a solar power plant on the roof is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a building with an A-class energy label or another building with even a plus energy house.

How powerful of a solar power plant should you plan?

When building a solar power plant, its capacity is most important. In order to achieve the best profitability, a station of a size that covers on-site consumption should be chosen. When calculating the power plant capacity, it is possible to rely on the average amount of electricity of Estonian solar power plants ─ 1000 kWh per year per 1 kW power plant.

Therefore, if your house consumes 9000 kWh per year, a 9 kW power plant would be needed. Alternatively it is always possible to build a larger solar station. In which case, the remaining electricity is sold back to the grid.

What are the guarantees offered by Nord Solar OÜ?

Solar panels have a 10-12year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects and a 25year warranty on 80-85% solar panel efficiency. The inverter has a 5-10year warranty depending on the manufacturer. And a 2-year warranty applies to installation work.

What kind of maintenance does a solar power plant need?

Solar power plants do not require much maintenance. As the panels do not contain mechanically moving parts, the only required regular inspection is that the solar modules are clean, free of dust or pollen and it must be monitored that they are not covered with leaves, snow or any other natural or anthropogenic material on the roof.

In practice, we see that this is very rarely necessary. If the angle of inclination is greater than 10 degrees to the plane, the panels will be cleaned by rain. If the solar panels are installed next to a building that is subject to a traffic management requirement, the solar power plant is also included in the traffic management. We recommend maintaining the solar park at least once a year for maximum performance.

Is it worth taking a loan to build a solar park?

The loan is well suited for the construction and installation of a solar park. It’s interest rates are cheaper than other small loans and start at 4.9%. A loan for the construction of a solar park can be taken for up to 10 years.

Can a solar power plant be built on all types of roofs?

Solar panels can be installed on all types of roofs, but before installing the panels, it would be wise to have a specialist assess the health of the roofing and structures, as the panels will remain on the roof for a long time (25-35 years).